"Seeking first the Kingdom of God and all His righteousness, showing the love of Christ to our neighbors, and letting the whole world know that Jesus Christ is the Savior of all."

The City of Passaic has been blessed to have the Mt. Zion Baptist Church as a beacon of hope for the last 132 years.  Our congregation continues to grow and God is showing us His wonderful guidance and timely providence to make changes for Kingdom building here on earth.

The history is one of joy as was expressed in the year 1885 when Mt. Zion was organized by a small group of Christians held at the home of Sis. Maggie Smith.  In 1908, 23 years after being organized, the Mt. Zion Baptist Church was built.  The first African-American Baptist Church in Passaic rejoiced in their new church home.  

Down through the years, the Lord sent many pastors with bright hopes and fond ambitions to help Mt. Zion soar to the zenith of her power. Mt. Zion is a history of progress, steadfastness and a strong faith in Jesus Christ and His promises.